Who are the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching and what do we do?

  • Provide new and experienced staff with innovative approaches to teaching and learning.
  • Develop the use of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) activities across all Colleges.
  • Lead and contribute to research on teaching and learning.
  • Deliver research-informed approaches to staff development and evaluate their effectiveness.
  • Enable staff to deliver outstanding teaching that supports a diverse student body achieve their goals.
  • Promote UEL’s AdvanceHE (formerly HEA) accredited Professional Standards Framework (PSF) and a continuous professional development framework for Teaching Excellence.
  • Create a space to share expertise in learning and teaching excellence across UEL.
  • Recognise individuals and/or teams who show significant contribution to good academic practice.

Find out more

You can find our more about us and what we do on our website or visit the CELT Staff Dev Hub area on UEL’s Moodle Virtual Learning Environment.