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Authors: Michael Cole (BSc, PGC(H)E, PgDip, PFHEA, NTF), Briony Hurd, Karl Anthony and Abdulayneyn Nassir Introduction In part one we discussed how Sports and Exercise Rehabilitation is taught in higher education in the United Kingdom and suggested an alternative approach to the traditional ‘expert-student’ paradigm. This article demonstrates the “fruits of our labours” by presenting a

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A Collaborative Approach to Teaching and Learning Sports and Exercise Rehabilitation in Higher Education (Part 1)

Authors: Michael Cole (BSc, PGC(H)E, PgDip, PFHEA, NTF), Briony Hurd, Karl Anthony and Abdulayneyn Nassir Abstract Learning and teaching Sports and Exercise Rehabilitation (SER) can be a complex and multifaceted endeavor. We are three BSc Sports Therapy students and a senior lecturer, working in equal partnership to research and produce this written report. Our approach,

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Inquiry-based learning

Constructivist Roots Inquiry-based learning is nothing new. It has its roots in constructivist ideas about teaching and learning – and these ideas have been steadily working their way through global education systems since the 1960s. It was around this time that figures like Lev Vygotsky and Jean Piaget rose to prominence and popularised ideas about

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What lessons can we learn from the Hyflex model?

As part of The University of East London’s development week, we were asked to provide some training on Hyflex course design. This text and video formed part of that training. 1: Core educational values to shape whole learner experience Beatty says that: “Values about learning and instruction help instructors and instructional designers build from a

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