Welcome to your Teamwork

In meetings, I take on the role of moderator/facilitator when necessary.

I listen carefully to what the other team members have to say.

I am willing to compromise my own view to obtain a group consensus.

I encourage quiet group members to contribute.

I elaborate on what others have said.

I introduce new ideas to groups in which I work

I make sure all possibilities are explored.

I help my team reach a better understanding of the issue or reach consensus.

I suggest new ways of looking at problems.

I help others to find compromises between differing viewpoints.

I can use a wide range of team processes (brainstorming, structured organization, meetings, etc.) effectively.

I use dispassionate, critical analysis to make decisions.

I support and praise other team members.

I have an understanding that teamwork involves individuals co-operating and collaborating to maximise outcomes in achieving a shared goal.

I try hard to keep up the group's energy level.

I use humour to remove stresses in groups in which I work.

I clarify other people's contributions.

I am a well-organised person who is good at keeping to deadlines.

I try to keep relations between group members harmonious.

I don't allow the group to over-run the time limit for the task.

I am an optimist who tends to look on the positive side.

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